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Someone is well-calibrated if the things they predict with X% chance of happening in fact occur X% of the time. Importantly, calibration is not the same as accuracy. Calibration is about accurately assessing how good your predictions are, not making good predictions. Person A, whose predictions are marginally better than chance (60% of them come true when choosing from two options) and who is precisely 60% confident in their choices, is perfectly calibrated. In contrast, Person B, who is 99% confident in their predictions, and right 90% of the time, is more accurate than Person A, but less well-calibrated... (read more)

Transparency and interpretability is the ability for the decision processes and inner workings of AI and machine learning systems to be understood by humans or other outside observers... (read more)

AI Risk is analysis of the risks associated with building powerful AI systems... (read more)

The Rationality tag is for posts about how to think in ways that more reliably result in you having true beliefs and making decisions that result in attainment of your goals.

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