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How did the Coronavirus Justified Practical Advice Thread Change Your Behavior, if at All?

by Elizabeth1 min read6th Mar 202012 comments



The point of the CJPA thread was for people to get information that changed their behavior in positive ways. It's a little soon to measure the infection rate and we'll never get an RCT of people who read the thread vs. didn't, but I'd at least like to find out what behavior changes came about from the thread. If you read the thread, can you answer with behavior changes you made at last partially as the result of what you read? That includes if the change was zero. The more detail you can include on what you learned and why things were or weren't useful, the better.

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11 Answers

Based on a number of inputs, including that thread, but with unclear causality levels:

  • bought a pulse oximeter and better thermometer.
  • bought copper tape, covered back of phone and two doorknobs of my house.
  • wash my hands more often and more thoroughly than previously.

Already doing or based on other things (company policy, county recommendation):

  • stopped taking train to work about a week ago.
  • working from home starting today.
  • canceled two business trips, one international.
  • Already keep two weeks food and medication (intended to increase, but failed).
  • Take vitamin D - I live in Seattle and don't see the sun regardless.

Questionable decisions where advice perhaps should have changed my mind:

  • I'm flying to Arizona to visit my elderly parents this weekend.
  • I'm still eating a fair bit of food prepared by strangers who may not quarantine themselves soon enough - in restaurants and by delivery.

I was consuming a ton of info and can't exactly attribute, but changes that can be partly credited to the CJPA thread:

  • Buying electrolyte powder
  • Buying Zinc
  • Going on a jog tonight
  • Getting more hand moisturiser
  • Planned to have a house plan about who will treat one of us if anybody gets sick

Bought pulse oximeter (my son suffers from recurrent viral wheeze)

Primarily or exclusively due to the thread:

  • Bought a pulse oximeter
  • Copper tape on phone, laptop hand-rests, and doorknobs and light switches (due to living in shared student accommodation) -- including recommending others do the same; two or three people I know have taken me up on this advice.
  • Bought, and take daily, vitamin D pills
  • More careful with packages (treat external packaging as if it is infective)
  • Gathered enough food/medicine to be able to quarantine and look after self if required

Due to 'seeing the smoke' due mainly to LW posts (would likely have done otherwise, but much later)

  • Came home to my parents to lower risk from being in a city
  • Properly educated myself on the virus and the outbreak
  • Self-quarantined, including minimising contact from my parents until 15 days asymptomatic living here

Specific to the thread: I bought copper tape, a pulse oximeter, and I'm much more careful with packages.

Partially due to LW but not that thread in particular: I've stocked up food and am getting rid of the habit of constantly touching my face

  • I bought copper tape and put it on all door knobs, my phone and the fridge handles in my house.
  • I bought vitamin D and C supplements.
  • I stocked up on some food, enough to last me (but not my roommate, who is currently not home but will be back soon) ~10 days. I'll probably make another shopping trip tomorrow to increase that number a bit higher.
  • I bought hand moisturiser.
  • I discussed these purchases with friends and family, recommended they do the same, and discussed my expectations for the coming weeks and how to properly respond.

I did not buy electrolytes, I found the discussion on ORS, even self-made, versus electrolyte powder not convincing if it's only for a few weeks tops.

Bought electrolytes because I was convinced they were better than salt.

Bought copper tape, which i put on my phone.

Bought vitamin D because I'm probably deficient.

I bought electrolytes because I was convinced they were better than table salt by post.

I bought vitamin D because it reminded me I should do that anyway.

I bought electric tape and coated my high touch surfaces in it because the thread convinced me it was valuable.

Because of the thread:

  • Bought copper tape and put it on various door handles and light switches.
  • Bought vitamin D pills and take them daily.
  • I already have a pulse oximeter and have been checking my and my girlfriend's osat levels. Because I have a small cough and also just to be safe.

I would have done anyway:

  • Self-quarantine.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes at front door for each time I come home after being out.
  • Be careful handling delivery packages.
  • Stocked up on food and stuff.

Things I didn't do:

  • Electrolyte powder. I think I'd be able to hydrate properly without it.
  • Make my own hand sanitizer. I considered it to save money, but it seems easier and safer to just buy it.

Not applicable:

  • Covering phone with copper tape. I'm not going out (in public) anymore.
  • Hand lotion. I'm staying home and not using hand sanitizer enough where my hands get dry.

This thread and the others prompted me to keep a stock of food, mostly non-perishable but some frozen, which I tend not to do. Generally buy food for a day or two at most.

I have also purchased a supply of hand sanitizing wipes and alcohol. Added to the existing gloves I have (used when changing breaks or break fluid on the car or staining wood and the like).

I have also, perhaps counter-intuitively, become a bit less concerned about the situation. Not sure if that is do to narrowing any confidence bounds or having shifted the expected outcome though. This is mostly manifest in I'm now starting to put money back to work rather than holding it.

Since reading the thread I've:

*Stocked up on Zinc supplements.

*Ordered 99% Isopropyl alcohol.

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See my comment here; whatever ideas look like they came from that thread, probably did.