Constantly ask what you're currently doing that is irrational

by Eliezer Yudkowsky 1 min read25th Mar 201136 comments


At today's meetup in Tortuga, we were supposed to discuss something we're currently being irrational about.  In retrospect I could probably have done better than the item I picked (for example, it now occurs to me that I'm probably currently being irrational about bedtimes and sleep-cycle stuff)...

But the key point is that while straining my brain to think of something I was currently being irrational about, but hadn't fixed yet, I noticed myself being irrational in small ways too.

For example, I was sitting on the floor in a way that was beginning to strain my left thigh, but wasn't standing up and finding a chair...

So I stood up and found a chair.

I think it might be a valuable exercise to spend an hour practicing rationalist mindfulness, constantly asking yourself, "What am I currently doing that is not rational?" as though you had to find something to fulfill your obligation to an LW meetup.