Rationalist Lent is over

by Qiaochu_Yuan1 min read30th Mar 201816 comments


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Rationalist Lent is over. How did it go for everyone? Did you learn anything about yourself / superstimuli / pica / etc.?

I had a pretty good time giving up porn, which I stuck to. I also masturbated much more sparingly, which had interesting and pleasant effects on my sex drive. This is part of a longer project I'm engaging in of getting more in touch with my sexuality and it's been going well so far. I have an increasingly strong sense now of my past porn consumption as having been pretty bad for me - in machine learning terms, it's adversarial training data, very closely analogous to junk food. Porn, like many of my previous addictions (mostly various forms of fiction), has also felt much less tempting over the last 2 months because my life has gotten a lot better. Long story.