$100 for the best article on efficient charty - the winner is ...

by Roko1 min read12th Dec 201017 comments


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Part of the Efficient Charity Article competition. Several people have written articles on efficient charity. The entries were:

The original criteria for the competition are listed here, but bascially the idea is to introduce the idea to a relatively smart newcomer without using jargon.

Various people gave opinions about which articles were best. For me, two articles in particular stood out as being excellent for a newomer. Those articles were:





I therefore declare them joint winners, and implore our kind sponsor Jsalvatier to split the prize between them evenly. Throwawayaccount_1 should also unmask his/her identity.

[I would also ask the winners to kindly not offer to donate the money to charity, but to actually take the prize money and spend it on something that they selfishly-want, such as ice-cream or movie tickets or some other luxury item. Establishing a norm of giving away prizes creates very bad incentives and will tend to decrease the degree to which prizes actually motivate people in the future]