Modes of Petrov Day

byRaemon 1y20th Sep 201820 comments


Previous posts, albeit with titles that are perhaps not optimized to differentiate the content at a glance:

Petrov Day on Easy Mode: Hang out. Share a meme.

Petrov Day on Normal Mode: Have a quiet, dignified ceremony.

Petrov Day on Hardcore Mode A: During said ceremony, unveil a large red button. If anybody presses the button, the ceremony is over. Go home. Do not speak.

Petrov Day on Hardestcore Mode: If anyone presses the button, you may never celebrate Petrov Day again.

Petrov Day on Multiplayer Hard[est]core Mode: As Hard[est]core Mode, except instead of an inert button, you use a website connected to another house where people are also celebrating Petrov Day. If anyone in one house presses the button, the other house receives a launch alarm. They have 60 seconds to respond. At the end of 60 seconds, their party is over, and they must go home silently. The website has some chance of giving you a false alarm.

Folk in Seattle are working on a website that can handle Multiplayer Hard[est]core Mode for multiple groups of participants. The last word I heard was that it was working but not super easy for people to set up on their own.

Jim, Critch and I are chatting about how we'll personally be implementing some of this, and possibly updating the ceremony. (Petrov died last year, which seemed like it should be reflected). I'll update this post with more info as things settle in, but meanwhile wanted people to have at least a week to decide if they want to do a Petrov Day, with or without The Button.