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How much background technical knowledge do LW readers have?

by johnswentworth 3mo11th Jul 201922 comments


When writing posts, it would be useful to know how much background technical knowledge LW readers have in various areas.

To that end, I set up a short six-question survey. Please take it, so I (and others) can write posts better fit to your level of technical background. If your answer to all of the questions is "zero-ish technical knowledge", please take it, so you're not inundated with mathy posts. If your answer to all of the questions is "I am secretly John Von Neumann", please take the survey, so the rest of us know there's someone like that around. If you are somewhere in the middle, please take the survey. It'll take, like, maybe sixty seconds.

Here's that link again: survey.

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I notice a lot of people using programming jargon/codes to discuss things that have nothing to do with programming, and it always makes their point needlessly harder to understand.