WordPress Destroys Editing Process, Seeking Alternatives


Personal Blog

WordPress had an editor that worked. They have forcibly replaced it with an editor that doesn’t. There does not seem to be a free way to switch back.

Please, if anyone knows a good alternative hosting service, especially one that can seamlessly transfer over the old blog contents, please share in the comments.

There might be a way to switch back to the old editor if I payed them the ransom money to upgrade my account to Business so I could use plugins, but I don’t want to do that unless I’m positive it will work. If you know for a fact that this would still work, let me know that, too.

Even if I knew it would work, it’s really bad decision theory to pay ransom money, so I’d need to think long and hard before doing it even if the amount of money is trivial. I think that if the service is otherwise good enough it’s mostly all right, since I’ve gotten a lot of value from them, but I also welcome thoughts on that front. I’m pretty furious right now.

Also, the new editor looks like it literally doesn’t function – it already ate a post and keeps telling me I don’t have permissions.