What's in a name? That which we call a rationalist…

bybadger 10y24th Apr 200992 comments


Who are we? I've heard a couple of comments about what Less Wrong members should be called lately. "Rationalist" is the word most commonly used, although use of that term might presume we are something we are not. "Aspiring rationalist" avoids that problem, but is awkward to use casually. Something unique to this site might insulate us from the rest of the world, however. 

What are your suggestions? Please make one suggestion per comment to facilitate voting.

Update: I think "Less Wrong reader" works well for referring to members of this site as members of this site, but what are we trying to be in a broader sense? Maybe my intent in asking for suggestions was unclear. Is there a word that could replace "rationalist" in the following titles:

or is "rationalist" just the least bad term?