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Agency foundations research in artificial intelligence focuses on characterizing the nature of agency for both humans and artificial agents and in the context of AI-human interactions. It seeks to answer questions related to agency as a capacity to act and be an effective actor in the world. For example, how human control over the world is exerted including from biological, psychological and socioeconomic forces. And how AI systems exert and acquire control over their environments. In the context of AI-human interactions, agency foundations research seeks to answer questions about how AI-systems may deplete or increase human control over the world. 

Generative Flow Networks or GFlowNets is a new paradigm of neural net training, developed at MILA since 2021... (read more)

This lists the posts that have come from the Alignment Jam hackathons.


Cognitive Architectures are theories of cognition that are used to understand the functioning of the human mind as well as design and implement artificial intelligences that emerge from various components that each handle separate aspects of cognition, like planning and memory.

The AI Safety Mentors and Mentees program aims to facilitate mentoring in AI safety. It does so by.. (read more)

Convergence Analysis is an X-risk impact organisation focused on AI strategy research.

Middle management

AI misuse. Humans using AI in a way that harms humanity.

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