[LINK] Author's Note 119: Shameless Begging

by Evan_Gaensbauer1 min read11th Mar 201566 comments


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[Contains No HPMOR Spoliers]


I was at first confused by Eliezer's requests at the end of Ch. 119. I missed his Author's Notes, which his explains his rationale behind them. I thought I would share in case others missed it, especially because readers on LessWrong may have more elite or broader networks to help Eliezer achieve his new goals.

  • Eliezer is seeking the possibility of gaining J. K. Rowling's permission to publish HPMoR in some form, and have the profits donated to a U.K. charity. To this end, he wants to contact someone who can put him in touch with either J. K. Rowling, or Daniel Radcliffe.
  • If you're attending or supporting Worldcon through 2015-17, and think Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is worthy, please nominate it to win Best Novel for the 2016 Hugo Awards.
  • The Machine Intelligence Research Institute is looking to hire at least one new executive, and very competent mathematicians for its research.
  • Eliezer is thinking on what fiction to next write. He would re-edit an old script of his if and only if someone contacts with him to make either a movie with high-quality special effects, or an anime. Otherwise, he is seeking to work with the Collective Intelligence (the problem-solving force composed of the HPMoR readership). Check it out if you consider yourself part of the CI.
  • Eliezer is seeking to contact John Paulson the hedge-fund manager, to represent a financier as their angel investor, and other investment opportunities.

Eliezer has several other projects he might be interested in. Learn more by clicking the link.