LessWrong 2.0 Feature Roadmap & Feature Suggestions

by habryka1 min read17th Jun 2017120 comments


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This post will serve as a place to discuss what features the new LessWrong 2.0 should have, and I will try to keep this post updated with our feature roadmap plans.

Here is roughly the set of features we are planning to develop over the next few weeks:

UPDATED: August 27th, 2017

Basic quality of life improvements:

  1. Improve rendering speed on posts with many comments
  2. (A lot of improvements made, a lot more to come)
  3. Improve usability on mobile
  4. (After the major rework this is somewhat broken again, will fix it soon)
  5. Add Katex support for comments and posts
  6. Allow merging with old LessWrong 1.0 accounts
  7. Fix old LessWrong 1.0 links DONE!
  8. Create unique links for each comment: DONE!
  9. Make comments collapsible
  10. Highlight new comments since last visit: DONE!
  11. Improve automatic spam-detection
  12. Add RSS feed links with adjustable karma thresholds
  13. Create better documentation for the page, with tooltips and onboarding processes
  14. Better search, including comment search and user search: DONE!

Improved Moderation Tools:

  1. New Karma system that weighs your votes based on your Karma
  2. Give moderators ability to suspend comment threads for a limited amount of time
  3. Give trusted post-authors moderation ability on their own posts (deleting comments, temporarily suspending users from posts, etc.)
  4. Add reporting feature to comments
  5. Give moderators and admins access to a database query interface to identify negative vote patterns

New Content Types:

  1. Add sequences as a top-level content-type with UI for navigating sequences in order, metadata on a sequence, and keeping track of which parts you've read DONE!
  2. Add Arbital-style predictions as a content block in posts (maybe also as a top-level content type)
  3. Add 'Wait-But-Why?' style footnotes to the editor
  4. Discussion page that structures discussions more than just a tree format (here is a mockup I designed while working for Arbital, that I am style excited to implement)
  5. ...and we have many more crazy ideas we would like to experiment with

I will also create a comment for each of these under the post, so you can help us prioritize all of these. Also feel free to leave your own feature suggestions and site improvements in the comments.

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