Testing my cognition

by RyanCarey1 min read19th Feb 201422 comments


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Hi all, I'm doing first quantified self experiment. How does this design sound to you?



20 min sample of tests from Cambridge brain sciences site: spatial span, double trouble, object reasoning, rotations, hampshire tree task, spatial slider.

10 USMLE Rx questions in 11 mins covering neurology, psychiatry, cognitive sciences and epidemiology, randomised from a pool of 400 questions.

Subjective report of cognitive ability from one to ten.

These will be taken daily at noon.



Take nothing for one week.

Take creatine 5g daily for two weeks 

Then take nothing for two weeks


I'm starting with creatine because I'm vegetarian. Then I'll report my findings, re-evaluate value of further experiments and proceed on to some or all of piracetam+choline, Luminosity and dual n-back.


Thoughts on how I can improve this?