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Is there an assurance-contract website in work?

by Yoav Ravid1 min read20th Feb 201921 comments


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I bet I'm not the only one who, after finishing inadequate equilibria, thought in excitement "Ok, so where's the KickStarter for better Nash equlibria?".

I didn't find any existing site that does something like it, but i wonder if maybe someone in this community is working on it.

If you know anything about it, I'd appreciate a hint ;)

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3 Answers

Is CollAction kind of what you had in mind? Wikipedia also mentions PledgeBank which closed down in 2015 but still has a site with all the archived pledges at www.pledgebank.com. Not sure but I don't think either of these sites allow versions of assurance contracts that use financial contributions.

I wonder what a good binding mechanism might be for crowdaction sites in general, because once the quorum is reached you still have to get everybody to go ahead and perform the action. Any thoughts?

A site based on dominant assurance contracts would also be interesting. It might be a bit more like Kickstarter, in that maybe the entrepreneur initiating the DAC can market and popularize the action, and be responsible for the action happening when/if the quorum is reached.

Someone built the minimum-viable tool, but it was very bare bones and not well publicized.


(I think someone, maybe Eliezer? offered something on the order of $200 to build it, which was enough get the basic thing built but not fully invest in it. It does seem like something someone should offer more money and/or time to build. I think it requires an actual well-specified "inadequate equilibrium to escape" ("leave Facebook" doesn't solve anything you haven't coordinated on where you're all going next)

I created this Facebook group to for coordination and crowdfunding on EA and LW related projects: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LWCoordination/