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Review for 2020 Review

This seal baldly asserts that it is an elephant. The only quasi-evidence given for this claim is the demonstration of an unusually long nose - but it's entirely possible to have a long nose and not be an elephant! For instance, the humble jellyfish has long tendrils that may act as a nose, and yet is widely believed to not be an elephant at all. As such, the seal fails to prove their case - hardly fitting for a forum that prizes rationality. I think it would be incredibly unwise to select this as one of the best posts of 2020.

Review for 2120 Review

Despite the understandable skepticism that was demonstrated towards this article when it was first posted, time has shown that this kind of a seal represents the optimal hybrid of elephant and seal capabilities. When uploaded, it is capable of navigating the seas of cyberspace as well as a seal, and looking as charmingly long-nosed as an elephant. Had this image not been posted, civilization might not have happened to find this combination, which turned out to be crucial for navigating the Singularity in a safe and beneficial way. As such, this post definitely belongs in a collection of the best LW posts of the last 101 years.

I notice I'm confused 

It would be slightly whimsical to include this post without any explanation in the 2020 review. Everything else in the review is so serious, we could catch a break from apocalypses to look at an elephant seal for ten seconds.

Elephant seal is a picture of an elephant seal. It has a mysterious Mona Lisa smile that I can't pin down, that shows glee, intent, focus, forward-looking-ness, and satisfaction. It's fat and funny-looking. It looks very happy lying on the sand. I give this post a +4.

(This review is taken from my post Ben Pace's Controversial Picks for the 2020 Review.)

Looking mighty fine

Strong upvote.



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Yep, they are automatically crossposted. Also, I personally enjoy these and prefer all of them to be crossposted (similar to how I like jefftk's stuff to all be crossposted, even if some of them aren't particularly relevant to my interests). Allowing people to post about whatever they want is kind of the point of the personal blogpost category. 

Have a look at the tags: these are mirrored automatically from a personal blog

I'm pretty sure that tag means it's not a front-page post, not that it was cross-posted 

Yes, i know it was cross-posted, i just think that's not the meaning of the tag. you can see it was cross-posted by the fact it has the name of the blog beside the name of the author.

I see... pretty sure the RSS feed I'm using shows me new posts on the front page as they show up, though. It seems unlikely that I would have deliberately subscribed to an "every single post" feed for any forum. (shrugs) The semantic details probably don't matter though. Hovering over the [Personal Blog] tag reveals a note that I think answers Liam's objection.

Yeah, sorry, the term "personal blog" is a bit confusing in this specific context. All posts (including the ones written on LessWrong and hosted nowhere else) are by default in the "personal blog" category, and can optionally be moved to the "frontpage" category if they meet the relevant criteria.