Blog Post Day Retrospective

by Daniel Kokotajlo 1 min read1st Mar 20208 comments


Yesterday was Blog Post Day. I think it was a success! In this post I'll link to all the blog posts that were written as part of Blog Post Day, and then say some things about what I learned and when we'll do another one.

The posts (in no particular order) were:

My Updating Thoughts on AI Policy, by Ben Pace.

How to Choose a Massage Therapist, by mingyuan

An Analytic Perspective on AI Alignment, by Daniel Filan

Bayesian Inference with Partially Specified Priors, by Christopher Clark

Cortés, Pizarro, and Afonso as Precedents for Takeover by me

Edit: Also Ben Goldhaber's shortform about depression

I think I missed a few from this list--for example, Coscott said they finished a post but would not put it up yet because it was part of a planned sequence. There may have been people who participated but didn't finish, or at least didn't post about it where I could see that they finished. Please let me know if I missed you and I can link to your post here (if you want).

There was less chatting in the discord than I expected; for the most part people just worked on their posts. Nevertheless the chatting that did happen was positive and encouraging and made me feel good. There wasn't really any draft-swapping because everyone was finishing right before the deadline.

We had about 12 people express interest in participating, and maybe about 8 people actually participate, and it looks like we got 5+ posts out of it. (Maybe more will trickle in) That sounds good enough to me! I for one am happy with what I accomplished in just one day; I definitely want to repeat this procedure even if no one else joins me.

So, anyone interested in another Blog Post Day? Obviously not soon, but how far away? Three months from now? One month? I could make this a regular scheduled event if there is interest.