Bay Area Meetup for Singularity Summit

by Eliezer Yudkowsky1 min read6th Oct 200846 comments


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Posted on behalf of Mike Howard:

This is a call for preferences on the proposed Bay Area meetup to coincide with the Singularity Summit on 24-25 October. Not just for Singularitarians, all aspiring rationalists are welcome. From the replies so far it's likely to be in San Jose.

Eliezer, myself and probably most Summit attendees would really rather avoid the night between the Friday Workshop and Saturday Summit, so maybe either Saturday evening or sometime Thursday or Sunday?

Please comment below or email me (cursor_loop 4t yahoo p0int com) if you might want to come, and if you have any preferences such as when and where you can come, when and where you'd prefer to come, and any recommendations for a particular place to go.  (Comments preferred to emails.) We need to pick a date ASAP before everyone books travel.