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by Ben Pace, jacobjacob, Rob Bensinger1 min read25th Jun 202032 comments


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Here's the petition Scott asked us to make.

This is a request for a specific action by the New York Times editors: 

We, the undersigned, urge the New York Times to respect Scott Alexander's request to not reveal his real name in a planned piece discussing the Slate Star Codex blog and community.


That's all. It seems to me really important for public discourse on the internet for journalists to respect this norm in this situation.

Please share it in the places you share things, and email it to the prominent people who you know that the New York Times respects and care about.

Please sign.



Thanks to Jacob Lagerros and Rob Bensinger for making the petition with me.

Thanks to Paul Graham, Steven Pinker and many others for their early signatures.

Thanks to Sarah Haider and Tanner Greer for independently organising a petition and then joining forces with ours.

Thanks to so many other people who are still unsubscribing from the NYT, giving them respectful-but-firm feedback, and otherwise supporting Scott in this situation. It's been great to see so much love and support for SSC these past 48 hours.