(This post won't make much sense if you don't know about the game Cards Against Humanity. Fortunately it has a web site. If you know the game Apples to Apples, well, CAH's gameplay is almost identical to Apples to Apples ... but the cards range from snarky to perverted to shockingly un-PC.)

After the LW meetup in Mountain View yesterday, the idea came up of a Less Wrong expansion set for Cards Against Humanity ... with a roughly Shit Rationalists Say theme, with a little help from Eliezer Yudkowsky Facts. Regardless of whether this ever happens, we felt the need to share the pain with the rest of the community.

These are meant to be mixed with the standard deck. Hence, the completed phrase "That which can be destroyed by being a motherfucking sorceror should be" is a clearly winning combination, as is "Why am I sticky? Grass-fed butter."

Black cards:

  • That which can be destroyed by _____ should be.
  • _____ is the mind-killer.
  • The thirteenth virtue of rationality is _____.
  • _____ is truly part of you.
  • "Let me not become attached to _____ I may not want."
  • _____ is vulnerable to counterfactual mugging.
  • What is true is already so. _____ doesn't make it worse.
  • _____ is not the territory.
  • _____ will kill you because you are made of _____ that it could use for something else.
  • "I'm an aspiring _____."
  • In the new version of Newcomb's problem, you have to choose between a box containing _____ and a box containing _____.
  • Instrumental rationality is the art of winning at _____.
  • Less Wrong is not a cult so long as our meetups don't include _____.
  • In an Iterated Prisoners' Dilemma, _____ beats _____.
  • The latest hot fanfic: _____ and the Methods of _____.
  • _____ is highly correlated with _____.
  • Absence of _____ is evidence of _____.
  • The coherent extrapolated volition of humanity includes a term for _____.
  • We have encountered aliens who communicate through _____.
  • In the future, Eliezer Yudkowsky will be remembered for _____.
  • I'm signed up with Alcor, so _____ will be frozen when I die.
  • "I am running on corrupted _____."
  • An improperly-programmed AI might tile the universe with _____.
  • You know what they say: one person's _____ is another person's _____.
  • "I want to want _____."
  • _____ is what _____ feels like from the inside.
  • _____ is the unit of caring.
  • If you're not getting _____, you're spending too many resources on _____.
  • Every _____ wants to be _____.
  • Inside Eliezer Yudkowsky's pineal gland is not an immortal soul, but _____.
  • Before Bruce Schneier goes to sleep, he scans his computer for uploaded copies of _____.
  • Eliezer Yudkowsky updates _____ to fit his priors.
  • Eliezer Yudkowsky doesn't have a chin; under his beard is _____.
  • Never go in against _____ when _____ is on the line.
  • Reversed _____ is not _____.
  • You have no idea how big _____ is.
  • Why haven't I signed up for cryonics?
  • What am I optimizing for?
  • The Quantified Self people have finally figured out how to measure _____.
  • You can't fit a sheep into a _____.
  • Make beliefs pay rent in _____.
  • Why did my comment get downvoted?
  • "You make a compelling argument for _____."
  • "My model of you likes _____."
  • "I can handle _____, because I am already enduring it."
White cards:
  • Eliezer Yudkowsky
  • Friendly AI
  • Unfriendly AI
  • Lukeprog's love life
  • The New York meetup group
  • Updating
  • Ugh fields
  • Ben Goertzel
  • Guessing the teacher's password
  • Confidence intervals
  • Signaling
  • Polyamory
  • The paleo diet
  • Asperger's syndrome
  • Ephemerisle
  • Burning Man
  • Grass-fed butter
  • Dropping acid
  • Timeless Decision Theory
  • Pascal's mugging
  • The Sequences
  • Deathism
  • Alcor
  • The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Quirrellmort
  • Dark Arts
  • Tenorman's family chili
  • Affective death spirals
  • Rejection therapy
  • The cult attractor
  • Akrasia
  • The Bayesian Conspiracy
  • Paperclips
  • The Copenhagen interpretation
  • Clippy
  • Shit Rationalists Say
  • Babyeaters
  • Superhappies
  • Aubrey de Grey's beard
  • Robin Hanson
  • The blind idiot god, Evolution
  • Getting downvoted on Less Wrong
  • Two-boxing
  • The obvious Schelling point
  • Negging
  • Peacocking
  • P-Zombies
  • Tit-for-Tat
  • Applause lights
  • Rare diseases in cute puppies
  • Rationalist fanfiction
  • Sunk costs
  • Vibram Fivefingers
  • RationalWiki
  • The Chaos Legion Marching Song
  • Poor epistemic hygiene
  • A sheep-counting machine
  • A horcrux
  • Getting timelessly physical
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment
  • A ridiculously complicated Zendo rule
  • Utils
  • Wireheading
  • My karma score
  • Wiggins
  • Ontologically basic mental entities
  • The invisible dragon in my garage
  • Meta-contrarianism
  • Mormon transhumanists
  • Nootropics
  • Quantum immortality
  • Quantum immorality
  • The least convenient possible world
  • Cards Against Rationality
  • Moldbuggery
  • The #1 reviewed Harry Potter / The Fountainhead crossover fanfic, "Howard Roark and the Prisoner of Altruism"
  • Low-hanging fruits
  • The set of all possible fetishes
  • Rationalist clopfic
  • The Library of Babel's porn collection
  • Counterfactual hugging
  • Acausal sex
Post your own!
EDIT, 2012-08-29: Several additions from the thread and elsewhere.
EDIT, 2012-12-25: This is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license, because Cards Against Humanity is.

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I didn't even read the post before I started mentally filling in all of the blanks with "my penis" or just "penis" as appropriate.

I want to add some kind of context to that, to avoid seeming like I'm just puerile, but nothing really comes to mind besides the general "what is wrong with me?" kind of thing that's just signalling and not really helpful for anything.

"[My penis] is truly part of you" sounds like a typical line from hentai. Trust me, I'm an expert.

I didn't even read the post before I started mentally filling in all of the blanks with "my penis" or just "penis" as appropriate.

I saw this comment before I saw the post. Now nothing but "my penis" seems to fit any of the blanks! (The Alcor example actually sounds like a compelling argument when filled in that way!)

Interesting fact about the original game is how useful the "vulgar" white cards are. Sure, you can fill just about any slot with "penis" or "full frontal nudity", but then you realize that about 25% of the white cards are vulgar, for any given round, at least one person will use one. It gets old pretty quick. Pretty soon you realize you need to reserve them for when they actually fit really well.

Yes, always reserve your penises for when they actually fit really well.

Oh, I'm totally getting downvoted to hell for this.

I did the same, but with the Youtube Poop pronunciation "PINGAS". And other YTP staples like "Gay Luigi" and "DINNER". This shit's bad for me, I'm telling you.

("You know what they say: one person's PINGAS is another person's DINNER.")

('Never go in against the King when DINNER is on the line.")

("TOAST is highly correlated with TOASTERS.")

[This comment is no longer endorsed by its author]Reply

'Pascal's Mugging and the Methods of Lukeprog's Love Life'

...This is hilarious.

"I can handle _____, because I am already enduring it."

As an aside, this post reminded me to get a copy of CAH printed, which I have now done.

You can't fit sheep into the least convenient possible world.


Black cards:

  • ________-less Decision Theory strictly dominates Timeless Decision Theory.
  • The Minimum Message Length Formalism prohibits _______
  • To believe in ________ is incosistent with _________
  • Beware of Preference Reversals between _________ and _________
  • "________" is true if and only if ________

White cards:

  • Subjunctive Objectivity
  • Subjective Objectivity
  • Blue Eggs
  • Red Cubes
  • Featherless Bipeds with Broad Nails


I think "Bleggs" and "Rubes" are almost strictly better than spelling out "Blue Eggs" and "Red Cubes" in this case.

Black cards:
I will not fear, fear is the mind destroyer, fear is the little death that brings __.
The Center for applied rationality was forced to retract the kata on __.
When the singularity occurs, the first thing we'll do is get rid of ___.
Never go in against _ when _ is on the line.
The thing most likely to wipe out humanity in the next 50 years is __.
We're optimistic about the economy now that the Secretary of the Treasury has been replaced with _.
Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with _ to enslave them.
_ is the last refuge of the incompetent.

White Cards:
Scope Insensitivity.
A Trillion Ems.
Sending money to people claiming to be building god.

Edit: underscores act weird for some reason.

underscores act weird for some reason.

Escape them with backslashes, \_like so\_.

"That which can be destroyed by being a motherfucking sorceror should be"

Brilliant!! x'D x'D

(This might make a good slogan for pure NUs …)

I have taken the liberty of implementing this card list on CardCast, a free implementation of Cards Against Humanity-like games for Google Chromecast which also has the advantage of being publicly browse-able to print card lists from or use card lists in other online implementations of the game like Pretend You're Xyzzy. Just thought you might want to know.

Link: http://www.cardcastgame.com/browse/deck/BOPPH

This should happen on physical cards. If they're handed out for free, it's within the CAH license, and it even shouldn't be hard to do it in such a way that it's immune to the license.

BTW, I'm a fan of having the actual fill-in-the-blanks somewhere in the deck - hooray groanworthy literalism!

Blarg. Your first three ideas for black cards were exactly the same as my first three ideas for new black cards, and in the same order even.

I'll add some of these to my set.

I'm not posting mine yet because I want them to be a surprise. :p

Ha! Should we look for them at an upcoming game night?

This is awesome. If you arranged for a deck to be printed I'd buy it. If not I may try and get them printed on my own.

Most of the fill in the gaps ones are throw away lines or phrases that happen to be seen on less wrong. They're incidental to less wrong. They're even more incidental to rationality. wtf yo? Also, Why would you be familiar enough with them for this to be fun?

If the game requires no familiarity with the phrases that last part doesn't apply but I'm still worried by the possibility you'd all have the actual exact words memorised. Do you?

I recognize most of them, and could probably get the exact words right.

I fail to see the problem with this.