Meetup : Interest in Reason Rally meetup?

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Discussion article for the meetup : Interest in Reason Rally meetup?

WHEN: 24 March 2012 04:14:00PM (-0500)

WHERE: Washington DC

The Reason Rally is a big atheist gathering in Washington DC. Many LWers are planning on being there anyway, so why not have a meetup?

Note: I will not be there, so someone else should step up to set location and time!

Edited- Originally the Ohio LW group was thinking of going. Only a handful were really interested, so most of us won't be. But many other LWians are interested, so I am leaving this post up.

Discussion article for the meetup : Interest in Reason Rally meetup?

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I'm interested in going. I'm not entirely sure what the format of the event is. (Giant crowd in a field with a few speakers on stage? Multiple booths/panels?)

Sure, I'll go. Interested in a meetup there. (I'm from NYC)

Im brand new to this site. But as a member of NCAS, CFI, and other humanist/rationalist groups, I'll be there with my spouse. But we live in the D.C. area. Would like to meet some of the LW members, though, if it is logistically amenable.

You may want to check out the LessWrong DC mailing list:

While I don't speak for them, I was talking to a few actual DC members during the Megameetup and there was interest in going. I'm going to be pushing for this.

I'm interested in this event and in meeting LW members. I live in DC and have a bed and an air mattress for people needing a place to stay, and could host if we need a location for a meetup.

We're still very interested, and would be happy to host LW members in dorm rooms or anywhere else we can secure. (Speaking for myself and Roger here.)

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I know there is planning going on for this (Reason Rally meetup) on some of the local listservs. I am not attending, so am not part of the planning. Could someone who IS part of the planning, please post details on here so that others can see. If you like, you can PM it to me, and I will add it to the original post. Thank you!

My husband and I will be there!

I will probably be attending.

I'll be at the rally; it's a quick metro trip for me.

I'm close by, I'll be there.

For reference to other commenters, I think the majority of the Ohio LW meetup group decided against going ourselves, due to a lack of interest in this as a specific event, though you're obviously still free to go.

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Thank you for posting this update! It passed out of my mind to do so.

I am pretty certain we have 3 members who will be at the Reason Rally anyways though. Next time I see them, I'll ask them to post here.

Yep! I and my father will be going anyway.

Oh, that's right, I forgot that a few people were already going.