Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Bookshelves

by JesseGalef1 min read18th Mar 201346 comments


HPMOR (discussion & meta)

A while back in the Columbus Rationality group, we started wondering: What books would the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality houses have in each of their libraries?  We had fun categorizing different subjects:

  • Gryffindor - Combat, ethics, and justice
  • Ravenclaw - Philosophy, cognitive science, and math
  • Slytherin -Influence and power
  • Hufflepuff - Happiness, productivity, and friendship

And so, I found myself taking all my books off their shelves this weekend and picking the best to represent each rationality!House and made them into Facebook cover-image-sized pictures.  Click each image to see it larger, with a list on the left:

(first posted at Measure of Doubt)


I’m always open to book recommendations and suggestions for good fits.  What other books would be especially appropriate for each shelf?