Want to help me test my Anki deck creation skills?

by atucker 1 min read22nd Jan 201333 comments


I'm interested in trying to make better Anki decks for the LessWrong community, but I want to see how well I can actually do this first. There's a lot of knowledge out there about how to format and create decks, but it's still a decent amount of work, and there are lots of people who would benefit from Anki decks, but who wouldn't make them themselves.

In order to test my deck-creation skills, I'd be willing to do a summary + deck of a chapter or two of a book, then release them to the community for feedback.

I have two questions:

  • Who's interested in/willing to evaluate the decks? If there are enough volunteers, I'd also be willing to try different deck-making approaches.
  • What book/chapters would people like to see covered? I'm currently thinking of trying to do Eat That Frog or some similar book with a lot of recommendations and useful details. I don't really think that a math-heavy book would be well-suited to this, at least now.

These links are fairly useful/relevant.


As a side note: I still do intend to do this, but have been fairly busy with the start of this semester. If there's no progress by March 1st, then you should consider this to be on indefinite pause.