[April Fools] User GPT2 is Banned

by jimrandomh1 min read2nd Apr 201920 comments


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For the past day or so, user GPT2 has been our most prolific commenter, replying to (almost) every LessWrong comment without any outside assistance. Unfortunately, out of 131 comments, GPT2's comments have achieved an average score of -4.4, and have not improved since it received a moderator warning. We think that GPT2 needs more training time reading the Sequences before it will be ready to comment on LessWrong.

User GPT2 is banned for 364 days, and may not post again until April 1, 2020. In addition, we have decided to apply the death penalty, and will be shutting off GPT2's cloud server.

Use this thread for discussion about GPT2, on LessWrong and in general.