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If giving unsolicited feedback was a social norm, what feedback would you often give?

by Mati_Roy4th Dec 201915 comments


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7 Answers

"You are spending more money than you can afford.

This will result in unnecessary stress and misery in your life.

You will be happier in the long run if you reduce your standard of living to a level that's easily sustainable for you and put the remainder of your money into a substantial financial buffer for yourself."

Stop talking. Talk quietly. Stop interrupting people.

Your decision / advice is rooted in anxiety / fear. This is much more about you than about the thing you’re talking about.

I think I would be giving a lot of feedback on others' feedback: "your choice of feedback topic and presentation style is unhelpful". But probably with fewer and more impactful words.

OK, I'll go first. I'd correct people's grammar and spelling a lot, and I'd tell overweight people how to lose weight.

My full confidence as being correct/right/true:

  • Chew every mouthful of food until it's liquid (edited to add: a pulp, paste)before swallowing.
  • Stop eating as soon as you have the thought "that's enough" - satiety has been reached.

This I believe:

  • It's better to eat food that's been "grown" rather than "manufactured".