Just for fun - let's play a game.

byCronoDAS10y17th Apr 200971 comments


How well can we, at Less Wrong, tell the difference between truth and fiction? Let's play a little game, which I once saw in a movie

In this game, we each say five things about ourselves, four of which are true. We then try to guess which ones are true and which ones are lies. (Go ahead and use Google, if you like.) I'll start.

My five facts:

1) I have another LessWrong commenter's autograph.

2) I once received the first place prize in an (unsanctioned, online) Magic tournament that lasted a total of ten rounds (seven rounds of Swiss pairings, plus three single elimination rounds) but only beat an opponent at Magic during four of them.

3) I've beaten Battletoads, on an actual NES, without using a Game Genie or other cheat device.

4) Not too long ago, I made a $500 donation to Population Services International, using my debit card. Unfortunately, this overdrew my checking account. My parents were not pleased, not only because I overdrew my checking account, but also because they disapproved of my donating such a large amount of money.

5) My favorite Star Wars movie is "Attack of the Clones."

(Note: I used a random number generator to determine which position would contain the lie.)