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Hundreds of Less Wrong posts summarize or repackage work previously published in professional books and journals, but Less Wrong also hosts lots of original research in philosophy, decision theory, mathematical logic, and other fields. This post serves as a curated index of Less Wrong posts containing significant original research.

Obviously, there is much fuzziness about what counts as "significant" or "original." I'll be making lots of subjective judgment calls about which suggestions to add to this post. One clear rule is: I won't be linking anything that merely summarizes previous work (e.g. Stuart's summary of his earlier work on utility indifference).

Update 09/20/2013: Added Notes on logical priors from the MIRI workshop, Cooperating with agents with different ideas of fairness, while resisting exploitation, Do Earths with slower economic growth have a better chance at FAI?

Update 11/03/2013: Added Bayesian probability as an approximate theory of uncertainty?, On the importance of taking limits: Infinite Spheres of Utility, Of all the SIA-doomsdays in the all the worlds...

Update 01/22/2014: Added Change the labels, undo infinitely good, Reduced impact AI: no back channels, International cooperation vs. AI arms race, Naturalistic trust among AIs: The parable of the thesis advisor’s theorem

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