Roommate interest and coordination thread

by patrickscottshields 1 min read2nd Aug 201247 comments


This thread is for the discussion of options for people interested in changing their living environments some time in the next year or so. It's a place to:

  • Share your situation to get an outside view
  • Get on the radar of potential roommates
  • Discuss existing communities or places that may be a good fit
  • Describe what you're looking for in a living environment
  • Post your procedure for deciding where to live
  • Coordinate with others to find compatible roommates
  • Discuss which factors are relevant to deciding where to live
  • Post resources or data relevant to deciding where to live

Whether you're graduating from college, moving for a new job, or looking to further optimize your living environment for other reasons, talking with others can help you identify options, catch inaccurate beliefs or poor reasoning, meet potential roommates, and more. Thanks to everyone who contributes!

(This thread has been on my mind for a while. Reading this recent roommate-seeking post inspired me actually write and post it. I'll post my own situation in the comments below.)

To discuss the concept of this thread (rather than participating in the thread's intended discussion), please reply to this comment. Credit goes to the open transactions thread and group rationality diary for some of the style and wording of this post.