London meetup: "The Friendly AI Problem"

by Roko 1 min read19th Jan 201028 comments


To all LessWrongers in London/the south of England: On Saturday the 23rd - this Saturday at 2pm - I will be speaking about Friendly AI at the UK transhumanist group, at

Room 416, 4th floor (via main lift), Birkbeck College, Torrington Square, London (Map)

For those who have read most of the material on the web about FAI theory, e.g. the sequences here and the material of Bostrom and Omohundro, you won't hear much new, but you will probably meet a lot of people who could do with some strong rationalists to speak to. For those who haven't read most of the material about Friendly AI, I'll try to make it a superlatively informative talk. The Facebook event has 30 confirmed guests, and the London Futurists' organizer (distinct from UK h+, the hosts), just emailed me and said:

"Looking forward to meeting you and asking you questions on Saturday! I think your going to get quite a few as there is a lot of interest from my group about your presentation - positive and negative. You might get a very skeptical geezer coming along so be prepared for some tough questions from people who know their stuff."

So the event promises to be a fairly large gathering of rationalists, futurists and transhumanists with a high probability of passionate debate about FAI, followed by a trip to the pub for further discussion and drinks.