One of my friends made a compilation of fanfics of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Ze gave me the okay to share zir work anonymously.

It has 91 stories (96 in the table of content, but 5 are missing), 12,244 pages, and 3'384'120 words "written by many exceptional muggles".

There's a .PDF, .mobi, and .epub version of the compilation. I'm hosting all of those files, including a .jpg and .svg of the image below, in this Google Drive folder.

I invite y'all to share your reviews and favorite HPMOR fanfic below.

From the Preface:

This book is a compilation of all the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (HPMOR) fanfanfictions, metafanfictions, second-level fanfictions, recursive fanfictions, crossover-fanfictions, forked-fanfictions, fanfanfanfictions, or alternate endings I could find.

Let's be clear at once that I do not own Harry Potter, HPMOR, its arborescence of derivatives fictions, scientific breakthroughs, or esoteric whispers, duh. All credit for the stories assembled into this book goes to their respective authors. Blessed be their horcruxes.

The stories are ordered somewhat chronologically according to the HPMOR universe, such that reading through them in their suggested order should ensure at least some amount of cross-fic coherence.

For a better reading experience, refer to Zedzed9's HPMoR Fic Tree, where stories set in universes descended from Lesswrong's Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality are arranged as a cladogram.

Happy Reading!

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This one isn't part of the book, and I really loved it: "Harry Potter and the Methods of Ricktionality".


Rick and Morty have an important mission broh. Gotta go visit HPMORland, broh.

I recommend it if you like Rick and Morty and HPMOR. Especially if you also like pondering about multiverses (including the mathematical universe), infinite ethics, and identity.

Holy crap, that was the best fanfiction I've ever read. That was insanely entertaining.

Wow, that was indeed hilarious. Someone should make a top-level post with excerpts of it (but to make sure to avoid spoilers).

mild spoilers........................................................................................................................................................................................

I love how casually Rick's nihilism and Harry's optimism are juxtaposed towards the end, not, like, as a major plot point or anything, just casually noting "fyi here's how these philosophies mash together."

(You've no idea how hard it is to not scroll over things like that.)

It has 91 stories (96 in the table of content, but 5 are missing), 12,244 pages, and 3'384'120 words "written by many exceptional muggles".

This sounds discriminatory against AI-written fanfics.


" You see, children, your brain is an arrogant and lazy lump of gray matter. It thinks it can handle anything, so it doesn’t bother telling you what’s going on unless it thinks you might actually care. That is why, children, you must be careful to inform your brains of everything they should be listening for.”


“Do you know what this monster is?”

In the abrupt silence, Harry spoke. “You, teacher?”

“No,” said Professor Quirrell. His lips twisted. “The plot.”

There was a baffled silence.

Then, the Hufflepuff girl called out, “The story is making sense, I feel a great sense of foreboding.”

The girl sitting next to her, her hand raised, was Hermione Granger. “Um, that’s because there’s a story in this chapter.”

It's amazing how good these riffs are at getting Quirrell's lecturing voice right, not to mention occasionally making a scary amount of sense.

nice '^_^


Specific stories from this list that I've enjoyed:

  • Following the Phoenix: probably my favorite continuation fic that ups the ante in an interesting way with a satisfying ending
  • Significant Digits: the famous one that got EY's recommendation for worldbuilding. Very cool exploration of a potential future of HPMOR, but the characters' personalities deviate from canon, perhaps too much.
  • Orders of Magnitude: an extension (side-quel?) to SD that also goes deep on the worldbuilding.
  • Reductionism for the Win: satisfying alternative ending arc.
  • Minds, Names, and Faces: also a fairly good alternative ending arc.

Revial also looks promising but I haven't read it fully.


What's "SD"?


Significant Digits.

I guess now we have enough material to create a Harry Potter Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game.

A new one, as of 2020-10-16: HPRick and MoRty

What if Harry and Quirrell in "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" had the personalities of Rick and Morty from "Rick & Morty"?

oh geeze