Eliezer's Post Dependencies; Book Notification; Graphic Designer Wanted

by Eliezer Yudkowsky1 min read10th Jun 200819 comments


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I'm going to try and produce summaries of the quantum physics series today or tomorrow.

Andrew Hay has produced a neat graph of (explicit) dependencies among my Overcoming Bias posts - an automatically generated map of the "Followup to" structure:

Eliezer's Post Dependencies (includes only posts with dependencies)
All of my posts (including posts without dependencies)

Subscribe here to future email notifications for when the popular book comes out (which may be a year or two later), and/or I start producing e-books:

Notifications for the rationality book, or for any other stuff I produce

(Thanks to Christian Rovner for setting up PHPList.)

Sometime in the next two weeks, I need to get at least one Powerpoint presentation of mine re-produced to professional standards of graphic design.  Ideally, in a form that will let me make small modifications myself.  This is likely to lead into other graphic design work on producing the ebooks, redesigning my personal website, creating Bayesian Conspiracy T-shirts, etc.

I am not looking for an unpaid volunteer.  I am looking for a professional graphic designer who can do sporadic small units of work quickly.

Desired style for the presentation:  Professional-looking and easy-to-read (as opposed to flamboyant / elaborate).  I already have the presentation content, in black text on white background.  I would like it to look like it was produced by a grownup, which is beyond my own skill.  Emails to sentience@pobox.com, please include your fee schedule and a link to your portfolio.