I'm going to try and produce summaries of the quantum physics series today or tomorrow.

Andrew Hay has produced a neat graph of (explicit) dependencies among my Overcoming Bias posts - an automatically generated map of the "Followup to" structure:

Eliezer's Post Dependencies (includes only posts with dependencies)
All of my posts (including posts without dependencies)

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(Thanks to Christian Rovner for setting up PHPList.)

Sometime in the next two weeks, I need to get at least one Powerpoint presentation of mine re-produced to professional standards of graphic design.  Ideally, in a form that will let me make small modifications myself.  This is likely to lead into other graphic design work on producing the ebooks, redesigning my personal website, creating Bayesian Conspiracy T-shirts, etc.

I am not looking for an unpaid volunteer.  I am looking for a professional graphic designer who can do sporadic small units of work quickly.

Desired style for the presentation:  Professional-looking and easy-to-read (as opposed to flamboyant / elaborate).  I already have the presentation content, in black text on white background.  I would like it to look like it was produced by a grownup, which is beyond my own skill.  Emails to sentience@pobox.com, please include your fee schedule and a link to your portfolio.

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The url for the listing of all of Eliezer's posts is actually now at: http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~andwhay/postlist.html

Re the post dependencies graphs: why not treat these as posets, and remove the extraneous arrows?

The extraneous arrows are helpful in indicating when a post returns to an earlier point.

BTW, it looks like the black arrows are "followup to", blue "previously in series", green "continuation of", and cyan "prerequisite". It'd be interesting to see in-text links as well, if that graph wouldn't be unreadably busy.

A couple months ago a tried to create a graphviz diagram of all of Eliezer's posts. With ALL dependancies to ALL postings in one diagram. It probably would have been a mess to try to decipher the result but in any case every variation I tried core dumped when generating the graphic. Too many posts. Too many dependencies. :) Keep up the good work.

I find it funny that Eliezer set the probability options to subjective things like "I 'will probably' buy your book" instead of putting % ranges.

I put "will definitely", even though I recognize a significant non zero chance (say 5%) of not buying the book, just because it seems qualitatively closer than "will probably".

very cool!

Subscribe here to future email notifications

Just a heads up - the confirmation mail landed in my gmail spam folder.

Mine, too. Thanks, RI.

Here is a web page with Eliezer's OB posts all on one (very long) page.

You might try guru.com

Thanks Andrew! That's great!

I've tried my best to squeeze the biggest graph into an acceptable width. But with Dot, layout engine I use, it won't seem to squeeze the width past a certain point (because of how it seems to put nodes into ranks I believe).

While it looks cool seeing the whole picture, it would be nicer if you didn't need to scroll all over the place. I'll post the code later on if anyone wants to tinker with it (apologies for the mess some of it is), and any suggestions for changes would be appreciated.

I'll have a new change coming up in the next day or so too, so look forward to it, it should be real neat.

Andrew Hay, Could you split the big graph into dense pieces? Independent of that, do you know of an algorithm to find such pieces?

What's the status of the book(s)? I'm re-reading all the major sequences [courtesy of the recent post 'Welcome to Less Wrong! (2010)'] and I realized that I'd like to share this information with friends and family. But I don't think I could reasonably expect them to follow the wiki web structure – a book would be a much more convenient form to present them. How would you feel about independent book projects based on your posts here?

I (almost certainly) signed-up for the email list again as I looked for info about the book again. I only now just saw this comment.

Based on the licensing of the text of the wiki, it should be permissible for anyone to create a book of the wiki articles, but not (necessarily) of the blog posts.

Update – I edited this to reflect the actual scope of the wiki licensing.

That's for the wiki, though.

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