List of members of Less Wrong who are on Twitter:

Twitter accounts by people who aren't really "LWers" but recommended for LWers anyway:

If I missed anyone in either category, let me know. I'll keep this updated.

Last update: May 18, 2015.

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I wish there was a "subscribe to all" button.

The Twitter devs vetoed that idea back in 2009 -- too much spam potential. Here's my 5-minute effort anyway:

I don't have a Twitter account so the page isn't tested, but it looks like it works -- give it a second to load, though.

Edit: The following JavaScript will turn all Twitter links on this page into follow links. Couldn't figure out how to make a bookmarklet in markdown:


  .attr({"id": "twitter-wjs", "src": "//"})

After the addition I just made, my list contains 58 items, and yours contains 47. If you feel like updating. (Also, I removed one, because William Eden deleted one of his accounts.)

Step by step:

  1. Open your chrome browser and press F12
  2. Click on 'Scripts'
  3. Down corner on the left, Click in the icon to "show console"
  4. Paste the code and press enter. The page will seem to reload and the magic will happen.

By the way, thanks for the code

That was ridiculously helpful. Everybody; this works.


There is, sort of. You can create a list of people, and then other people can follow that list as a group. If people are added to the list later, you'll end up following them as well.

So, you could create a global LW list and various local LW lists, if you wanted.

Looks like you can't include yourself in a list.

Michael Anissimov... thanks for linking!

I just got Twitter the other day. I edited myself into the list.

@simplic10 is my twitter account. I've made a twitter list of lesswrong members from the upper list, updated October 14, 2012

I mostly retweet stuff, largely from the above list. So I'm not sure how interesting following me would be, but I'm here.

Michelle_Z I'm not on it that often, though.

Is Venkatesh Rao ( a useful LW-adjacent twitter account?

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If you have python you can run the following script which will subscribe your account to the aforementioned users:

Lior Gotesman is on LW. His username is pwno.


Kim Kierkegaardashian

I lol'd.


Thank you for keeping up this list. (c:


Great idea! Tagging this community or networking or something might be useful.

I've added a link to this post from my LWer blogs list. Mind reciprocating? :)

My Twitter handle is conveniently the same as my LW handle. Feel free to list it.

As is mine. Twitter wouldn't allow just TGGP or T.G.G.P

Aha - I'd wondered why a bunch of people just started following me on Twitter.

Now you're pop ;)