Financial incentives don't get rid of bias? Prize for best answer.

by[deleted]9y15th Jul 2010137 comments


I'm trying to better understand the relationship between incentivization and rationality, and it occurred to me that it is a "folk fact" around here that large financial incentives don't make cognitive biases go away. 

However, I can't seem to find any papers that actually say this. It's not easy to google for (I have tried) so I wonder if the Less Wrong collective memory knows how to find the papers? 

Is there a pattern to which biases go away with incentivization? Do we have at least 5 examples of biases that go away with incentivization and 5 examples that don't go away with incentivization? 

As an incentive, I'll paypal $10 to the commenter whose answer is least biased and most useful.