Do we want more publicity, and if so how?

by Wei_Dai 1 min read22nd Aug 201154 comments


Recently reporters from two major national magazines contacted me in preparation for doing stories on Bitcoin. This reminded me that Wired magazine did a cover story on the Cypherpunks in its second issue. I think the LessWrong community is already larger and more active than Cypherpunks were back then, and potentially more influential, but there hasn't been much publicity on us. I'm tempted to suggest doing a story on LessWrong to one of the reporters. Is this a good idea, or bad?

More generally, do we want more publicity, and if so what's the best way to go about getting it?

ETA: Would it be bad etiquette to reveal the names of these magazines at this point, or even to say as much as I've said?