Burning Man Meetup: Bayes Camp

by Larks 1 min read25th Aug 201053 comments


In celebration of the virtues of applied rationality, Less Wrong is going to Burning Man! And because Heinlein rationalists should win, Bayes Camp is going to be the most awesome place there.

A bunch of people from SingInst/Less Wrong will be descending upon the desert, bedecked as the members of the Bayesian Conspiracy. Kevin, Jasen, JustinShovelain, Peter de Blanc, Michael Vassar and Nick Tarleton, among others, will be there. If you'd like to stop by, say so in the comments! 

We'll be at 6:50, F, and should be there from Monday 30th.

Please note: Burning Man is serious stuff, and if you don’t think you’re up to the desert, you shouldn’t come. Either way, read the survival guide.


EDIT: updated location