Return of the Survey

by Scott Alexander 1 min read3rd May 200961 comments


[UPDATE: Survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took it. Results soon. Ignore everything below.]

Last week, I asked people for help writing a survey. I've since taken some of your suggestions. Not all, because I wanted to keep the survey short, and because the survey software I'm using made certain types of questions inconvenient, but some. I hope no one's too angry about their contributions being left out.

Please note that, due to what was very possibly a bad decision on my part as to what would be most intuitive, I've requested all probabilities be in percentage format. So if you think something has a 1/2 chance of being true, please list 50 instead of .5.

Please take the survey now; it can be found here and it shouldn't take more than fifteen or twenty minutes. Unless perhaps you need to spend a lot of time determining your opinions on controversial issues, in which case it will be time well spent!

Several people, despite the BOLD ALL CAPS TEXT saying not to take the survey in the last post, went ahead and took the survey. Your results have been deleted. Please take it again. Thank you.

I'll leave this open for about a week, calculate some results, then send out the data. There is an option to make your data private at the bottom of the survey.

Thanks to everyone who takes this. If you want, post a comment saying you took it below, and I'll give you a karma point :)