Open Thread: How much strategic thinking have you done recently?

by Emile 1 min read28th Aug 201329 comments


diegocaleiro wrote:

I'm tired of people never, ever, ever, EVER stopping 2 hours to 1) Think of what their goals are 2)Checking if their current path leads to desired goals 3)Correcting course and 4)Creating a system to verify, in the future, whether goals are being achieved. I'm really tired of that. Really.

... so we may want to remind and encourage each other to do so, and exchange tips!

  • Have you thought about your life goals recently?
  • Do you know what your long-term and medium-term goals are?
  • If you're facing big problems or annoyances, have you thought of ways of solving them?
  • Do you have a system you use regularly that pushes you in the right direction?

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