Seeking examples of people smarter than me who got hung up

by MichaelBishop 1 min read13th Jan 201353 comments


I'm looking for historical examples of scientists who were 
a) very intelligent and still
b) continued to put themselves behind a theory in their discipline long after it was rejected.  Maybe they got too attached to it, refused to be wrong, got emotional, but they somehow let their hangups get in the way.

Maybe I'm being too demanding, but if you can resist, give me fewer cranks, pseudoscience, and wierd sociopolitical commitments and more theories that were credible until they became incredible to all but their big fancy until-then-respected proponent.

To get you started: 
* Fred Hoyle against the Big Bang
* Lord Kelvin and Hoyle on microbes from spce
* Tesla against relativity and other chunks of modern physics.
* Heaviside against relativity
* George Gaylord Simpson against plate tectonics
* Newton on alchemy


Posted on behalf of a friend. Thanks.