New Year’s Resolutions Thread

byMichaelVassar 10y30th Dec 200941 comments


I would like to propose this as a thread for people to write in their New Year’s Resolutions (goals and sub-goals) as instrumental rationalists.

Here are mine.


I resolve to try to enable all pareto-optimizing trades between my sub-agents can be made between them.  For instance, I have agents which would like to maximize my success via improving my cognition and energy levels via eating more healthily via eating less.  Other agents would like enjoyment from food.  I note that these agents aren't cooperating even though they both benefit from the same changes in behavior, largely because it hasn't been pointed out to them that they are on the same side.  If I make a serious effort to eat the hedonic utility maximizing amount, this will probably involve eating less than I default to.  After all, food is better when one is hungry.  Most of my eating is probably driven by simple non-reflective systems that tell me to eat.  These systems are probably promoted by hedonistic systems which are failing to understand the consequences of doing so.  In practice, this resolutoin means paying attention to the experience of eating anything that wasn’t chosen for social or nutritional purposes, rarely clearing my plate, and rarely eating more than one would get served in a European restaurant, but above all, it means paying attention (and thus sending this information to many of my sub-agents) to the pleasure of eating when one is actually hungry.

I resolve to find a new home, get fully moved in, get a car, touch base with all interested Bay Area supporters, and get started on the 2010 Summit by the end of February despite this involving many boring activities. 

I resolve to stop trying to keep up with a significant part of the blogosphere.  My web-browsing will be limited to  a) actually seeking specific information, b) checking email no more than 5-times-per-day and c) the keeping up, via google reader, with fewer than ten sites.  

Also, in February I will try to use dual-n-back every day and in March I will try to publish a Less-Wrong piece every day.