September Less Wrong Meetup aka Eliezer's Bayesian Birthday Bash

by Jasen 9y8th Sep 201053 comments


In honor of Eliezer's Birthday, there will be a Less Wrong meetup at 5:00PM this Saturday, the 11th of September, at the SIAI Visiting Fellows house (3755 Benton St, Santa Clara CA).  Come meet Eliezer and your fellow Less Wrong / Overcoming Bias members, have cool conversations, eat good food and plentiful snacks (including birthday cake of course!), and scheme out ways to make the world more Bayesian.

As usual, the meet-up will be party-like and full of small group conversations. Rationality games may also be present. Newcomers are welcome. Feel free to bring food to share, or not. 

Please RSVP at the page if you plan to attend.

Sorry for the last minute notice, I just found out that the 11th was Eliezer's birthday today.