Goertzel on Psi in H+ Magazine

by Kaj_Sotala1 min read5th Nov 201046 comments


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Ben Goertzel has a rather long psi-related article in Humanity Plus Magazine, apparently prompted by the recent precognition study to be published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. He's arguing that psi is real and we should expect to see the results of this study replicated.

I grew up very skeptical of claims of psychic power, jaded by stupid newspaper astrology columns and phony fortune-tellers claiming to read my future in their crystal balls for $20.  Clearly there are many frauds and self-deluded people out there, falsely claiming to perceive the future and carry out other paranormal feats.  But this is no reason to ignore solid laboratory evidence pointing toward the conclusion that, in some cases, precognition really does exist.