Best of LessWrong: Jan 10 - Jan 17

by knite1 min read19th Jan 20214 comments


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I'm an infovore. The failure mode for an infovore is spending too much time reading and not enough time doing. I was bit especially hard by this a few days ago - I hadn't caught up on LW posts in while and had 100+ in my RSS reader. I wanted to read them all but I knew I shouldn't.

I had the same issue with Hacker News for many years. I broke the cycle by signing for for a daily "best of HN" feed, however even this proved to be too much content. I replaced it with a weekly best of digest and that's been working well for me - the digest includes the top 50 posts by votes, so that's the maximum number of enticing nuggets of content I can click.

LW doesn't have this, so I made it. Here are last week's top posts (Jan 10 00:00 EST - Jan 17 23:59 EST, with a one day lag so Sunday posts have more time to be seen):

  1. Pseudorandomness contest: prizes, results, and analysis 109 points by UnexpectedValues | 13 comments
  2. Covid 1/14: To Launch a Thousand Shipments 104 points by Zvi | 33 comments
  3. Avoid Unnecessarily Political Examples 100 points by Raemon | 31 comments
  4. A vastly faster vaccine rollout 85 points by KatjaGrace | 38 comments
  5. RationalWiki on face masks 70 points by Viliam | 28 comments
  6. What is going on in the world? 63 points by KatjaGrace | 38 comments
  7. Review of Soft Takeoff Can Still Lead to DSA 62 points by Daniel Kokotajlo | 10 comments
  8. Why I'm excited about Debate 58 points by Richard_Ngo | 12 comments
  9. Group house norms really do seem toxic to many people. 52 points by deluks917 | 28 comments
  10. Voting Phase for 2019 Review 49 points by Raemon | 6 comments
  11. Transparency and AGI safety 49 points by jylin04 | 12 comments
  12. The impact merge 46 points by Joe Carlsmith | 10 comments
  13. The Great Karma Reckoning 45 points by habryka | 14 comments
  14. Discussion on the choice of concepts 41 points by KatjaGrace | 4 comments
  15. Why Productivity Systems Don't Stick 39 points by Matt Goldenberg | 14 comments
  16. D&D.Sci II: The Sorceror's Personal Shopper 38 points by abstractapplic | 27 comments
  17. Review of 'Debate on Instrumental Convergence between LeCun, Russell, Bengio, Zador, and More' 37 points by TurnTrout | 1 comments
  18. Neurocryopreservation vs whole-body preservation 36 points by mingyuan | 10 comments
  19. Thoughts on Iason Gabriel’s Artificial Intelligence, Values, and Alignment 34 points by alexflint | 14 comments
  20. CollAction history and lessons learned 32 points by Ron | 2 comments


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This link seems to give a similar list, though it's divided into frontpage and personal sections rather than aggregating both into one like your list does. (I would probably prefer the combined version for a weekly digest.)

Yep, I think that should just be the same list. You can also click on the relevant week and get a page that literally just has those posts on it: 

You can sign up to receive "curated" posts via email, but it's a lower volume than this. 

Similarly to Hacker Newsletter there is a weekly digest of Lesswrong posts on Rational Newsletter.