So, I guess the site redesign is live?

by CronoDAS 1 min read22nd Jun 2011216 comments


I saw some discussion posts earlier talking about a LessWrong redesign, and now that things look different, I guess that it's been implemented. I'm always slightly annoyed for a while when a site I use gets redesigned because I have to relearn where everything is, but it eventually wears off once I'm used to the changes.

My initial impressions:

"Hmmm... it seems like the category menus have been replaced by dropdown menus. It's not like I used many of them anyway."

"Okay, I've clicked my name to see my recently posted comments. Now, where's the link to see it in context? Oh, I guess I have to click that icon in the lower right corner. For some reason I was looking for something at the upper right of the comment box."

"Well, that worked. Now how do I click to the parent comment? Oh, wait, it's probably one of those new icons in the lower right corner. I'll just mouseover them to see what they do..."

::realization sets in::


So, what does everyone else think of the new redesign?