Official Less Wrong Redesign: Call for Suggestions

In the next month, the administrators of Less Wrong are going to sit down with a professional designer to tweak the site design. But before they do, now is your chance to make suggestions that will guide their redesign efforts.

How can we improve the Less Wrong user experience? What features aren’t working? What features don’t exist? What would you change about the layout, templates, images, navigation, comment nesting, post/comment editing, side-bars, RSS feeds, color schemes, etc? Do you have specific CSS or HTML changes you'd make to improve load time, SEO, or other valuable metrics?

The rules for this thread are:

  • One suggestion per comment.
  • Upvote all comments you’d like to see implemented.


BUT DON’T JUMP TO THE COMMENTS JUST YET: Take a few minutes to collect your thoughts and write down your own ideas before reading others’ suggestions. Less contamination = more unique ideas + better feature coverage!

Thanks for your help!

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One thing I'd really like to see: make the total number of upvotes and downvotes visible separately instead of just the difference. That way controversial posts and comments will stand apart from uninteresting ones.

Perhaps a collapsible "karma details" section, so that users still have the option to see a single number for each comment?

Might be easier to add "show upvotes/downvotes" & "show total score only" radio buttons to user configurations. That way those of us who want to see upvotes & downvotes in general don't have to click a collapsible link for lots of comments.

Make a prominent "next" button on the sequence pages so you can easily go from one sequence post to the next post. There's currently a button but it is difficult to find and requires two clicks.

Here's another proposal for dealing with meetups: some sort of prominent widget that will show (only upcoming) meetups in chronological order, with links:

Upcoming Meetups

And what happens when we have a regular weekly or monthly meetup in every English-speaking city of more than two million? I've noticed that the regular meetups (LW/NYC, LW/Bay Area, LW/London, et cetera) don't bother to announce every meeting. New users have to know to look at the wiki page.

Maybe this proposed widget should include these regular meetups (with links to the relevant wiki page) for all events within the next three weeks.

Do geolocation or enter a postal code, and see only the ones nearby?

Edit - please disregard this post

I don't trust geolocation.

Also, there's an advantage in a new user seeing all the meetups, since it accurately tells them how active we are.

And what about people who travel a lot and might check out a meetup in another city if they were reminded about it?

Geolocation usually works. The cost of a miss is low.

If the user had defined their location in their user profile, we'd use that instead.

This would be better if it also used geocoding based on IP address to filter so it shows only nearby groups by default.

The most straightforward way to have this would be to have a new database table with the following fields: date, location, and hyperlink. A set of trusted users (including one or two from each regular group) could add, edit, or delete records. Periodically, records with dates more one day in the past will be automatically purged.

There's no need to automate this, since maintaining it takes a small amount of effort relative to the effort of organizing the meetup.

I also posted about this a while ago. My recommendation is that there be a user preference menu shown when signing up (and editable later):


[ ] Show all upcoming meetups

[ ] Show only meetups in my area (reveals form for inputting area)

[ ] Don't show upcoming meetups

I'd be willing to code up a meetup-calendar site, though:

  • it'd take me a long time to get done
  • I'd need the ability to authenticate LW accounts (could have separate ones, but that's annoying for users)
  • What are the odds I could make something nontrivially integratable into LW's hosting?
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